Hey there!!

I am Kimberly Sirles. Wife since May of 2017. Mom to two daughters. I grew up living just outside of Massena, NY and have always lived in the North Country. Since 2012, I have been a licensed Cosmetologist. Never did I think I would end up in the birth worker world. The birth of my daughter and difficulties breastfeeding is what inspired me to become a Doula. With some complications arising I knew I needed more education to be able to help my self. After giving birth I felt like I wasn't offered all the options I could have had or had the help with breastfeeding that I needed. Going home was scary and I left the hospital confused. This was the beginning to my journey. I thought I would be helping my self. Now I have the pleasure of supporting other families with the knowledge I have gained since having my daughter.

As your doula, I strive to support you and the decisions you make with your care provider. I believe that with education on your birth options and educated decision making, my clients can achieve a more positive birth experience. Your body was made to do this! Our bodies go through so much during pregnancy. If we can endure 9 months of growing a baby, we sure can birth our children in whatever way we decide is best. Even feeding our own babies. I always believe knowledge is wealth. Birth without fear. I will walk this journey with you... literally!