Gentle Baby has 10 therapeutic grade essential oils that are safe to use during pregnancy, labor and on your baby.

  • Geranium,

  • Bergamot,

  • Corriander,

  • Ylang Ylang,

  • Lemon

  • Palmarosa,

  • Lavender,

  • Rose,

  • Jasmine,

  • Roman Chamomile

(Click on a recipe below to reveal the ingredients)

Umbilical Cord Serum

1 OZ of organic extra virgin olive oil

1 drop Myrrh oil

1 drop Frankincense oil

1 drop Lavender oil

Shake well in dropper bottle and use 2 times daily until the umbilical cord falls off. Can also use during healing of the belly button

Baby Butt Balm

2 tablespoons Bees wax

3 tablespoons of 100% Shea butter

3 tablespoons Coconut oil

2 drops Lavender oil

1 drop Tea Tree oil

Melt beez wax on low in sauce pan then add shea butter and coconut oil. Stir occasionally. Remove from heat and add essential oils. Pour into a 4 OZ glass jar with lid. Allow to cool before use.

Stretch Mark Serum

15 drops Lavender oil

15 drops Neroli oil

15 drops Helichrysum oil

15 drops Sage oil

15 drops Frankincence oil

15 drops Patchouli oil

15 drops Geranium oil

15 drops Myrrh oil

15 drops Jasmine oil

3 pumps of Cel-lie Magic

1 1/2 OZ Vitamin K oil

Grapeseed oil

Mix in a 4 OZ glass dropper bottle and filling to the top with grapeseed oil last. Massage into stretchmarks 2 times daily.